Symbiosis of Man and Nature

Man is creating cultural landscape to live and survive.

The national park plays a vital role in the conservation of cultural heritage as a foundation of sustainable development.

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    Cultural heritage

    The Triglav National Park has an important role to preserve cultural heritage as the foundation of sustainable tourism.

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    Cultural landscape

    Man's presence in the alpine world changes the natural mountain landscape.

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    The architectural typology

    The various types of vernacular architecture are based on people's experience. They are adapted to the natural conditions and locally available material is used for their construction.

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    Mining and Iron Industry

    The first records of mining date back to the Iron Age period, the activity reached its peak in the Roman period and the Middle Ages.

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    The area of the Triglav National Park abounds in finds from various archeological periods.

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    Myths and legends

    Mountains at the foot of Triglav are not only famous for their natural beauty but also for their wealth of folk tales, myths and legends.

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    Settlements in the park

    In 2010, the Triglav National Park incorporated 33 settlements with a total population of 2,444 people.