Information about the presence of brown bear and wolf in Triglav National Park


We would like to inform the visitors of Triglav National Park that a brown bear has been spotted in the area of ​​Pokljuka and Mežakala in recent weeks. In Triglav National park there are between 5 to10 brown bears, some of them live there permanently and for others the park's territory represents just a corridor.  Given that the brown bear can travel up to several tens of kilometers a day, we warn the visitors of the Triglav National Park about the increased chance of meeting the brown bear.

Information about the brown bear, how it behaves, and the appropriate human responses to the encounter with the bear can be found in the publication Be safe and responsible in nature.

A wolf too has been spotted in the area of the Triglav National park. The wolfs are afraid of human beings. More about wolfs: