Mushroom and herb picking

Check the daily bag limits for mushrooms and herbs.  

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Under the Triglav National Park Act, recreational and commercial picking of mushrooms and herbs is only permitted in the peripheral zone of the Park (third protective regime).

Mushroom foraging and herb picking are banned in the first and second protective regime areas, which form the core zone of the Park, since the primary management objectives of these areas are nature conservation and protection.

Additionally, mushroom picking is subject to the conditions and restrictions set forth in the Decree on the protection of wild fungi and in foresty and forest protection regulations, in particular the Rules on the protection of forests. The bag limit is set at 2kg of mushrooms per person per day. All mushrooms must be basically cleaned at the site where they were picked and no implements that could potentially harm the site or the mycelium must be used.

Collected mushrooms should be kept in aerated, rigid containers. Forest visitors should be aware that their presence in the forest disturbs the wildwife, and should therefore cause no unnecessary noise or other disturbing activities.

In the Triglav National Park, the main mushroom season, which starts in August, leads to mass visitation and intensive mushroom collection, in particular on the Pokljuka and Mežakla plateaus. During this period, park rangers and the competent inspection services will tighten their control over the area.


The picking of herbs is only permitted in the third protective regime areas, and the daily bag limit is set at 1kg of herbs per day. If you plan to pick herbs for commercial purposes, you will need the consent of the Park's managing authority.

The bag limit is set at 2kg of mushrooms and 1kg of herbs per persopn per day.