Code of conduct

Rules of conduct in the National Park

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Visit the TNP with care

Mountain tops, wild and deep gorges, rich flora, cultural landscape with mountain pastures and picturesque small villages with rich cultural heritage invite you to visit the Triglav National Park. It is an exceptional experience to get to know the nature, cultural landscape and the people of the park, but in doing so we should always observe the primary objectives of nature protection.

At TNP, we wish to provide visitors with ample opportunities for rich, hands-on experience of the Park and its theme trails. However, please remember that we are all just guests of a beautiful yet highly sensitive natural environment and that by visiting a national park we take on the responsibility to help maintain its state of preservation.

Rules of conduct in the National Park

    • We hope that the paths you take in Triglav National Park will leave you with lasting memories and encourage you to come back again, for another story, just as exciting and unique as this one.
    • Please leave your vehicle in one of the many designated car parks.
    • Stay on the trails. Keep your noise level down and avoid disturbing the animals.
    • Dogs are permitted  but must be on a leash. 
    • Respect the habitats of plants and animals. Admire them, but make sure your presence does not disturb their lives, as unique and magical as yours.
    • Enjoy clear starry nights from a bench outside the mountain huts and lodges, shelters and bivouacs. Camping or bivouacking outside designated areas is not permitted.
    • Be considerate visitors who take nothing except for memories and data stored on memory sticks, and leave nothing but footprints.


Enjoy the Julian Alps responsibly!

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Be part of the mountain!

In the mountains, wild animals have slowed their pace of life. They adapt specific behaviors to survive the winter and to protect themselves from predators. Your space of freedom, your playground, it is their living space. This winter, it's up to you to choose your track.



Winter is a time when nature rests. Let the wildlife rest, too. Look at the video!